Wicca Sun Moon and Earth

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Almost since Man has been around, the Sun and Moon have been worshipped as deities in their own right.

Our, albeit earlier primitive understanding of existence was not so primitive as stop us from weighing up pretty accurately that those two bodies play a stronger part in what happens on Earth than anything we, Man, can summon up.

Unfortunately, not being primitive anymore, and being told what to do and believe by politicians and scientists in their pay, we are now told that beyond any doubt our planet is undergoing global warming due to our activity.

And yet, we have been through all this global warming and cooling many times since the formation of our planet.

Even as recently as the early mediaeval period, ships from the Chinese Navy sailed up to the Arctic Ocean and reported back that there was no ice!. The polar bears survived.

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Contemplating the Sun, The Moon and the stars in the heavens can help us see what a small part of it all that we are. And yet part of it we are.

In these thoughts it be so easy for us to confuse different principles and come to believe that something which is untrue is true. Politicians are masterful at steering us towards that. Even well meaning religious folk can become swept up in confusing different aspects of existence.

But before we gain the wrong impression that being a part of existence means that we are an insignificant part of that existence, we should look at what being a part, really means.

Consider this, our physical presence on Earth means that we are part on this planet. Even if you belong to one of those groups which maintains that we came from another planet, all that that would mean was that we came from another planet. It changes nothing.

Humans and everything else including our planet, the Sun and Moon and everything we see in the heavens all came from the same source and are manifestations of that source.

So when we look at the Sun and Moon and observe their power, that power is in us too. Indeed we can learn to reach that power and harness it to our benefit and the benefit of those who are dear to us.

The Roman historian Tacitus reported that the ancient Scots went about naked [not something they would do even on a Summer’s day]. Indeed, working vineyards were to be found in the North. Wheat was grown by the early Vikings in Greenland.

Far from being a disaster about to happen, global warming may turn out as it has so often in the past to be a global blessing.

Incidentally, one erupting volcano will expel into the atmosphere the equivalent in just one day of all of the gases produced by all human activity in one year. So in one week one volcano will produce the same output as seven years of human activity. There are thousands of volcanoes bubbling away. Most of them are under water in the seas. The state of Alaska has over 80 volcanos.

Even so, the Sun is the main driver of global warming and cooling ... oh! and measurements of global warming by satellites reveal that global warming stopped in the 1990s and levelled off despite the continued increase in human carbon emissions of the last twenty years.

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