Wicca Psychics and Mediums

Thank you for visiting the Wicca Pentacles page on wicca and the craft, spells, magic and divination and psychic mediumship.

* Psychic
* Medium
* Clairvoyant
* Clairaudient
* Electronic Voice Phenomenon
* Spiritualist
* Psychic Healer
* Psychometry
* Dream Walking
* Astral Projection/Travel
* Aura Reading
* Remote Viewing
* Psychic
* Divination
* Numerology
* Tarot Card Reader
* Astrologer
* Palmistry
* Psychic Healer
* Faith Healer
* Past Life Regression
* Future Life Progression
* Psychic Hypnotist
* Exorcism
* Wicca Psychic
* Wiccan Medium

If you would like to learn how to become a psychic practitioner or learn mediumship or to develop your own innate psychic powers you can read about training and courses available through our parent college

If you would like to find out more about becoming accredited and publicly recognised for your psychic ability, you can visit the site of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology and its sister site the Institute of Psychic Practitioners at ...



If you have an interest in learning about spirituality or our existence you can check out a site run by our colleagues at the College of Management Science, London. They offer a wide range of interesting courses. You can take a look at their by visiting it at or pass this link on ...

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