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Abramelin Magic : A system of magic as explained in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, supposedly from the 15th century but thought more likely to be 18th century.
Alexandrian Wicca : a branch of Wicca developed by Alex and Maxine Sanders based on Gardnerian practice.
Anabaptism : a belief that baptism should be administered only to believing adults.
Animism : Wicca is a form of Animism. Animism is a belief that the Divine power or force exists within everything in the physical universe. Believers are known as Animists.
Æsir [approximate pronunciation = Eezir ]: a name given to the ruling dynasty of the Norse gods.

Black Thor : Renowned and revered temple to the Norse god Thor which was built in Dublin, Ireland in Viking times.
Book of Shadows : originally a collection of works by Aleister Crowley [1875 - 1947] describing witchcraft rituals.

Charge of the Goddess : invocational verse based on mediæval Tuscan witches’ ritual. This has been rewritten several times in the 20th century by Wiccans.

Coven : in olden times, claimed to be a group of thirteen witches. Nowadays used to describe any group or meeting of Wiccans or Witches

.Dee, John : [1527 - 1608] an alchemist, mathematician and astronomer who was astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I .

Doxology : a liturgical form of praise to a god.

Elements : in Alchemy, the world is made of four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Eschatology : that part of theology concerned with death and final destiny.

Fairy : an Earth-bound Nature spirit, also a spiritual and chaotic expression of reality.

Futhorc [The] : the collective name for the Runic letter system, or alphabet. The name comes from the first five letters of the Runes

Garderian Wicca : a branch of wicca practised by adherents of the system of Wicca developed by Gerald B. Gardner, a British Occultist [1884 - 1964].

Green Man : a pagan deity or symbolic woodland spirit and tote. Often depicted as a head surrounded by oak leaves or painted green, usually carved in wood or stone.

Handfasting : a formal ceremony of marriage in front of witnesses, used by some Wiccans and other pagans.

Hedgewitch : a name adopted by some witches or Wiccans who practise on their own rather than in a group or coven.

Initiation : a ritual, or series of rituals of admission involving an invocation at a coven meeting established for that purpose.

Karma : the Hindu term for causality, from the ancient Sanskrit for action or deed.

Kratophany : a manifestation of Divine power.

Magic : the principles, practices and knowledge enabling humans to have control over Nature.

Metaphysics : the theoretical philosophy of being and knowing.

Norns : the three spirits of fate in Norse mythology ... Urd - that which was, Verdandi - that which is becoming, and Skuld - that which is to come .

Ostension : the phenomenon of a legend becoming a real event .

Pentacle : a five pointed star, a Wicca symbol used in ceremonies and magic corresponding to the human head outstretched arms and feet. Also pentagram.

Radiesthesia : the theory and practice of dowsing, or diving, using maps and pendulums.

Rosicrucianism : a fraternity of alchemists, scholars and esoteric researchers formed in the 17th century. Modern societies were formed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sex Magic : a system of gaining spiritual power by harnessing and preserving sexual energy, also Tantrism an ancient Eastern philosophy.

Sigils : symbols endowed with magic qualities [latin - sigillum: seal] A focus of magical energy such as a pentacle or a designated Rune. Sigils may be adopted as amulets, talismans or magic items for use in rituals.

Theophany : the belief that Nature is a manifestation of the Divine in all of Its forms.

Web of Wyrd : the Anglo-Saxon term for the fabric of existence as spun by the three Norse Norns.

Winter God : the Mid-winter spirit who originally flew across the Mid-winter sky on a sledge drawn by a team of eight legged horses. This may have developed into the character of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus

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