Wicca and Fairy Lore

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Fairy Sites ...

Chilligham, Northumberland : This is the home of the special white cattle known as the Fairy Cattle.

Cottingley, West Yorkshire : thisis where the controversial Cottingley Fairy photographs were taken.

Eden Hall, Cumbria : this was once the home of the ‘Luck of Eden Hall’ a magic cup which had been taken from the Fairies.

Rotley, Northumberland : The Hart Burn in Rotley was the site where the Fairies feasted on porridge.

St.Teath, Cornwall : this was the home of Ann Jefferies who was reputed to have once visited Fairyland.

Stogursey, Somerset : This is the home of the Pixie’s of Wick Barrow.

Woolpit, Suffolk : is the setting for the mysterious Green Chjildren. It is claimed that they were fairies who had come from a twilight realm called St.Martin’s Land

Traditionally, fairies are considered to be chaotic characters, although, from the literature, we know that they can represent both good and bad forces.

Some consider then psychological metaphors for aspects of ourself, whilst others sense that they are spiritual manifestations. Perhaps they simply reflect the chaos that they find in human endeavours?

It is, however, true that fairy lore contributes to our lives from very early in our upbringing and, therefore, informs our very existence ... all of us, whether we want that to be so or not.

This knowledge can be used and harnessed by us in wicca and wicca magic to improve our life and those around us.

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