Spirit forces in Wicca

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

The presence of spirit power in our existence is well recorded. Wiccans use the geographical sites to locate spirits associated with an area such as a sacred or holy site.

Wicca, being an expression of Animism also identifies spirit power in objects, people and animals.

It is a part of Wicca that there are locations which have spiritual implications.

For example, many of the haunted buildings seem to offer evidence of a more vibrant spiritual connection.

That said, these spiritual connections can also be connected with people, animals and days of the week.

The Wicca Pentacle is almost alone in Wicca in identifying one of the processes which allows this spiritual communication of the spirit world and humans.

It is clear that there is much more in heaven and earth than we might easily imagine. however, it is worth the attempt, to imagine and to enlist the help of physicists who prefer to use their scientific understanding to seek the truth rather than to simply dismiss what may at first seem unusual.

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Folklore sites in the United Kingdom ...

Brandeston, Suffolk : The Revd. John Lowes was hanged here having been accused and been found guilty of witchcraft by Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins in 1645.

Canewdon, Essex : According to local legend, so long as the tower of St, Nicholasís Church remains standing, there will be seven witches in Canewdon.

Edmondthorpe, Leicestershire : St. Michaelís Church has an effigy of a Lady Ann Smith who was known locally as a witch, and who had the talent to change herself into a cat.

Knaresborough, Yorkshire : An attraction here to this day is the sacred cave known as the birthpalce of the Prophetess, Mother Shrimpton.

Newchurch-in-Pendle, Lancashire : The area around Newchurch became notorious after the famous Lancashire witchesí trial. It is one of the most well recorded detailed witch trials in England.

St.Osyth, Essex : St.Osyth was the site of the hanging of Ursula Kemp and Elizabeth Bennet for witchcraft.

Sible Hedingham, Essex : This areaís claim to fame is being the site of the very last trial of a witch by being put to the swimming test, in 1863.

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