Gods and Goddesses

The Nature Gods ...

The Nature gods and goddesses found in Wicca include seasonal deities drawn from Anglo-Saxon and Celtic lore.

The night skies in winter bring the Winter god who brings death to that which is old and needs renewal in society so that crops and families will prosper in the following year.

Springtime sees the dawn of the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess stra [pronounced approximately as Eez-tra]

Many Wiccans hold to the Nature deity referred to simply as the Goddess.

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The Norse Gods ...

most of the Norse gods and goddesses are reflected in the ancient Anglo-Saxon gods

The head god of the Norse pantheon is Odin. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition Odin is know as Woden. In Europe, the germanic tradition celebrate Wotan. [ in both of these latter traditions the W is sounded V as in Voden and Votan]

The god of thunder and war is Thor, In the Anglo-Saxon tradition he is known as Thunor. Thor/Thunor has a magic hammer which when it strikes his anvil causes lightning.

Priests of the cult of Thor made sacred copies of Thors ring [an armband]. These were used to swear oaths and were essential in the witnessing of truces or peace treaties.

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