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Spells are used by some Wicca practitioners to effect certain ends.

The main areas where spells are useful are for bringing to you, [or your friend or someone who has asked you for your help] ...

    * good fortune
    * good health
    * true love
    * sincere friendship
    * prosperity and life success
    * family and relationship happiness
    * success at work
    * recognition of your true worth by others
    * security of life, limb and fortune

Spells can be used to ward off negative forces. However, these must be used only with expert care.

To use a Wicca spell negatively is to invite that very thing which we do not want, to visit us.

A major cause of misfortune in folks’ lives is unwittingly summoning negative spiritual energy.

Protection spell ...

There are a number of really useful and good protective wicca spells which we can use to ward of the evil influence of others.

The most important of those wicca spells which the Wicca Pentacle recommends is the wiccan silver sphere spell.

The spell is a visualisation spell.

Step 1. In our minds eye, imagine that a transparent, or invisible sphere is forming itself around us. As the sphere forms, we will be aware that if we want we can reach through it safely and indeed walk about and do everything that we might want to do were the sphere not there. When the sphere has fully formed, we can move on to ...

Step 2. Again, in our minds eye we will cause a thin film of silver to form itself on the outer surface of our sphere. Again too, as the shere takes on its silver exterior we will be aware that neither our movement our movement or thoughts are constrained by our new defence. We can conduct ourself as if the sphere were not there.

Step 3. We will now cast our wicca protection spell, by seeing in our inner self that the reflective silver coating of our sphere will reflect all malevolent spiritual forces. The silver will simply mirror back to the source that ill will so that anyone trying to hurt us will bring that hurt not on us but on themselves.

Step 4. Now we add our favorites list by declaring within ourselves those near and loved ones who can have access to our inner protected spirit. The silver surface will not reflect them away but open to them when they approach

Step 5. To conserve our energies, we will set an alarm which will allow us to switch the sphere off. We need only say to ourselves, Sphere switch off.” and it will disappear. However, should a threat near, it will automatically alert us and reform before any harm can befall us.

Such a spell has so many uses, and is much favoured by paranormal investigators when malevolent or disturbed spirits may be about

How do Wicca spells actually work ? ..

There are different theories about how spells work. However, what we do know from scientific investigation is that they do work

The largest study was conducted about ten years ago in the United States to discover whether prayer had any effect on whether people who were seriously ill improved to any extent beyond normal expectation.

The study did in fact reveal a close co-relationship between the outcome for those who received prayers and those who did not.

We also know that a visit to our doctor can make us feel better within ourselves even before they reach for the prescription pad ... indeed better when they do not dish out the ubiquitous prescription. A comforting hand, a genuinely kind smile is pretty good medicine.

But, some say that that is just a psychological effect, as though in the saying of this it can then be dismissed as though it be nothing at all.


Psychological effect is far from being nothing. Everything, absolutely everything which has been created by Man over the millenia has come to someone first as a thought [a psychological effect].

Whether it was the British Empire, the city of New York or manned flight to the Moon and back, all of those projects started as a thought. That thought then changed the world.

Everyone of us has that same power within themselves. The Wicca Pentacle’s course on Wicca, Magic and Divination reveals the underlying philosophy and gives you an understanding of how you too can change your world around you and those dear to you to bring it to what you want.

A very simple Wicca spell to bring us, and those close to us, a good day.

In this spell, the spiritual power of the great God and Goddess is invoked in the form of a morning prayer ...

it can be used by a couple to summon help for themselves and each other, whether it be emotional, financial or physical help.

“Please god, please goddess,

make this day bring happiness and love to me and -----------,

and make us both have a happy, successful day today and bring us love and happiness

and success together, this evening, and night

Thank you too, for the help you have given us”


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