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The term, Book of Shadows was originally used by the British Occultist Aleister Crowley, to describe a book of spells which he devised over the years.

There is an overarching principle which governs the creation and use of magic spells. This is known not only to practitioners of the various expressions of Wicca, but also more generally amongst most pagans and magic practitioners.

Writing spells in our Book of Shadows will help us to help ourselves and others. We are part of each other

The ancient religions can help us. The word Pagan is simply the word for the people who tilled the land or hunted in the fields. Their religions became the spiritual beliefs of the folk who lived on the land.

Wicca is a part of that spiritiual reality.

Please visit regularly to keep updated on seasonal and special spells from the Wicca Pentacle’s Book of Shadows.

Good Spells -v- Evil Spells

In the Christian tradition, good actions are promoted for their goodness per se, rather than from any spiritual or magical philosophical consideration or the weighing up of pros and cons.

It is easy to see why this premiss is held and it is easy to agree with it. After all, there can be no sense to kicking someone when they are down. Common sense says that that is wrong.

Wicca magic and many Pagan beliefs agree with the premiss. The Wicca Pentacle Society simply goes further and gives a philosophical reasoning which shews that it is true.

If you would like more information please email us at info@wiccapentacle.org.uk

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